Parsing the $144k parlay payday

An anonymous better—let’s call him or her “Bettor #144″—netted $144,000 last week on an $800 bet at the William Hill Sports Book’s Isle Bettendorf Casino Hotel‘s operation, news first reported by Darren Rovell of the sports betting-focused outlet Action Network and confirmed by casino officials.

Rovell hyped the payday as “one of the greatest parlay wins of all time” on Twitter.

GOAT or not, the bet, placed on the afternoon of Jan. 9, is known as a parlay, a common way for bettors to increase their odds and payoffs. Instead of making multiple bets, a player combines two or more wagers into one bet. But it’s risky. Each bet must win in order for the parlay to pay off.

The bettor who visited the Isle’s Quad Cities location placed an eight-leg parlay, an extraordinary betting chain that required him or her to cover the spread and win the totals for all eight National Football games during the Divisional playoff weekend Jan. 11-12.

William Hill’s social media team had some fun with the news:

For context, $144,000 is nearly three times Iowa’s median household income of $58,706, according Iowa’s State Data Center data analyzing U.S. Census Bureau information last updated in 2017.

OurQuadCities.com posted a piece noting that Visit Quad Cities president and CEO Dave Herrell pointed out in a response on Twitter that the exposure is a boon for Bettendorf as a tourist draw: “How cool is this!”

Darrelle Lincoln of TotalProSports.com also covered the “crazy” parlay.

“Don’t worry, degenerate gamblers, one day this will happen for you,” he wrote in the tongue-in-cheek post. “Most people can’t even hit on a 3-leg parlay, much less a 8-leg one. Some folks just have all the luck..

One assumes Bettor #144 is relatively wealthy—given his or her ability to plunk down $800 on one bet. That will remain a mystery for the foreseeable future.

But if you happen to know a sports bettor in the Quad Cities—assuming Bettor #144 is not a tourist—who is suddenly flush with cash, this might be the reason why.

Editor’s note: Do you think you or someone you know might have a problem with gambling? The Iowa Department of Public Health provides problem gamblers, concerned persons and family services include outpatient counseling and recovery support services. For more information, call 1-800-BETS OFF, text (855) 895-8398, visit the website https://yourlifeiowa.org/gambling, or participate in a live chat.

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